See how you or your family can get personally involved to help keep our teenagers safe and families together.


Parents should discuss with their teens the dangers associated with speeding. Drivers must slow down and understand they are responsible for the safety of anyone in their vehicle. Passengers need to "speak up" when they feel uncomfortable at any time in a vehicle. Life can change in an instant and there are no second chances. Protect your family because SPEED KILLS!

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, so why speed for a few extra minutes of thrill? When another teenage driver chose speed over responsibility, six young women were injured, three more lost their lives and a community was changed forever.

As a result of the horrific and avoidable crash that occurred near Campbellsport, WI, video producer Gregg Burmeister and individuals directly affected by the senseless crash were moved to do something about it, and Speak Up to Slow Down was born.

A teenage driver safety video, Speak Up to Slow Down was created in hopes of saving future teenage lives in light of the Campbellsport crash. The title reflects a “call to action,” and urges both parents and teenagers to embrace the message to Speak Up to Slow Down after learning what happened that fateful night.

Watch the Teenage Driver Safety video at our Youtube account or directly below.

“The key element to better decision making must include parental involvement and that requires communication between parents and their teenage sons and daughters,” says Burmeister.

Burmeister specifically wanted the parents that lost their daughters in the crash to speak directly to other parents. “My goal was to create in-home conversation about accountability and responsibility as a driver but just as important, to understand the possible consequences if you fail to ‘speak up’ as a passenger when you feel unsafe. This story is about avoidable lifelong devastation. Kids don't get it. They think they're invincible so it's up to parents to watch Speak Up to Slow Down with their sons and daughters if we are to avoid similar family nightmares.”

Nothing good happens when speed encounters the unexpected because SPEED KILLS!