The majority of you have seen the video about a senseless car crash that took the lives of three girls from Campbellsport High School.




Animations bring accidents to life

The key to the effectiveness of the Campbellsport video is the use of forensic crash animation that allows viewers to actually see and hear exactly what happened to the vehicle the girls were riding in that fateful night. Survivors of the crash say if they had been able to see, in advance, the horrific violence that occurs in a rollover crash, they would have never allowed the driver to attempt such a thrill ride. This is why we need to create more forensic crash animations — to show teenagers, in advance, what does happen to a vehicle in speed-related situations.

This video shows why forensic crash animation is an effective educational tool

Car crashes are the No. 1 killer of teenagers and the common denominator is speed. As a result, it is very important you watch this short 4-minute video to understand why forensic crash animation will work to discourage inexperienced teen drivers and their teen passengers from speeding and taking unnecessary risks.

The creation of these forensic crash animations will show teens the danger involved with:

icon of a hand holding a mobile phone

Speed, Distance and Drifting with an emphasis on distracted drivers and texting and driving

In just 3 seconds, a vehicle going 65 mph will travel 95 feet per second, or the length of a football field.

Icon showing a curve in a road

Speed Around Curves

Why speed forces vehicles over center-lines or onto shoulders.

icon of a car driving up a hil

Speed and Cresting Hills

Drivers can't see what's over the hill, and tires lose contact with the road.

icon of a snowflake

Speed and Hydroplaning plus Winter Driving with an emphasis on black ice

Why speed on wet pavement, snow and disguised ice causes tires to lose contact with the pavement.

icon of two clinking wine glasses

Impaired Drivers

Why alcohol and drugs affect judgment and reaction time.

Icon of one car behind another

Speed and Tailgating

Showing drivers and passengers that if you can’t see it, you can’t react to it.

icon of a car tire

Speed and a Front Tire Blowout

Why a vehicle immediately darts toward a blown tire.

icon of a two-lane road

Speed and Darting from Lane to Lane

Why aggressive drivers cause multiple crashes leading to numerous victims.

icon of a car's steering wheel

Speed and Reacting to the Unexpected

Why speed and quick movement of a steering wheel causes over-correction and rollover crashes.

icon of a car seat belt

Wearing Seat Belts

Why a person propels at the same speed a vehicle is traveling upon impact.            


Help us make more of these life-saving forensic crash animations


Unfortunately, the creation of forensic crash animation is not cheap, so Speak Up to Slow Down is requesting your personal assistance in a grassroots effort to help raise the money necessary to create these vital life-saving animations. For a minimum donation of just $10, you will feel good knowing you cared and took the initiative to help stop this "speed kills" teenage epidemic.

In consideration of your own personal safety, your sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, nieces, nephews and friends — please make a contribution today to help create these life-saving educational materials.

Thank you for your personal contribution to help develop advanced safety programming. Please know, you can be recognized on the Speak Up to Slow Down website or remain anonymous.

Even if you decide not to participate, we ask that you please share this important request with everyone you know on social media about this proactive, grassroots effort to help keep our teenagers safe and families together

Even if only ONE life is saved and a family is spared, your money will have been spent well.