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Insurance Discounts

For Participants

Upgrade now and receive a Certificate of Participation to share with your insurance agent. It is important to know that Speak Up to Slow Down is not affiliated with any insurance companies. We are simply recommending you contact your insurance agent to inquire if a discount on your insurance premium is possible as a result of this educational program that addresses the danger of speed and risky driving behavior.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Contact your insurance agent and inform them your son or daughter has become a member of the Speak Up to Slow Down Safety Crew.
  2. As a member your child has watched all of the driver safety lessons, video documentaries and other materials associated with Speak Up to Slow Down and they will continue to receive future driver safety information.
  3. Show your agent the Certificate of Participation and share the website link or ask them to check out
  4. Ask your agent to visit the website and consider a discount based on his or her review of the program. This may require your child taking a quiz administered by the insurance agent about the content within this program.

Please know there is no guarantee your insurance agent will agree to provide a discount on your premium. We simply encourage you inquire since your family has taken the initiative to help make your teenager a safer driver and passenger.

Talk to other parents to inquire if they received a discount from their insurance agent as a member of the Speak Up to Slow Down Safety Crew.

Remember, nothing good happens when speed suddenly encounters the unexpected so Speak Up to Slow Down is providing vital educational awareness to keep you child safe!

For Insurance Agents

Register now and receive access to the full program, quiz, and answer key if you want to offer your customers a discount for being a member of the Speak Up to Slow Down Safety Crew and completing our program.